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Perth SEO proposal including Adwords Metrics & Google Maps for the website


Promote SEO Perth for Core Keywords

Result: to show on page one for core keyword terms in organic search results for keywords identified as underperforming or not currently showing on page one. SEO By Two Moons Consulting SEO Agency

Promote SEO Perth to show on page one

Result: Ranking for core keywords for Google Maps results.

Optimise Google Adwords metrics to track performance and conversion of individual keywords on landing pages to lower cost per click and focus budget spend with automatic bidding.

Action Plan for ranking for Perth SEO

1) Google Maps Account Creation for Perth SEO

It seems has not created, verified or claimed a Google maps listing. This is very important for local searches as more and more potential clients use Google Maps for local search services such as the service offers.

Create, verify and optimise Google Maps Places Account for SEO Perth

Create account including uploading content provided by client.

Creating categories, data feeds, image uploading etc.

Set up and administer verification process with Google via phone PIN validation or postcard PIN validation.

Optimize the account for the following keywords:

SEO Perth

Perth SEO

seo consultant Perth

adwords Perth

digital marketing Perth

web design Perth

online marketing Perth

seo services Perth

to enable the Google Maps listing to start showing for the search terms

2) Promotion of for organic search

Based on the report below currently does not show in Google for the core keyword terms to its maximum potential.

These are the keyword terms that you website is currently ranking for and which could be improved on by cherry picking under performers and identifying terms which are not showing in Google or finding terms which are missing from this list by look at e alternative keywords below.

Furthermore, the main terms together with the word wholesale adjectives are particularly underperforming.

Examples such as: SEO Perth

In addition some long tail terms are not doing well such as:

SEO Company Perth

The organic search aspect of the proposal would promote the website for these core keyword terms so as to enable it to show on page one of the search results in higher positions.

The report does not take into account the showing of sister sites such as etc as all sister sites are unknown at this stage.

In addition, to enable the terms to start showing for Google Maps, firstly the main website must get onto page one for the search terms by outsourcing your SEO to a reputable company. Once this happens the Google Maps listings will be activated and show on page one.

A conventional off page SEO link building campaign to promote the website is how this is achieved.

This off page link building campaign will include the following:

*Write articles to promote Client’s business and submit to over 300 article directories

*Creat backlinks from authoritative websites with high Google PR

(initially 10 then between 20 to 80 per day throughout the month)

*Create a mini network of web2.0 sites to feed into clients site to promote Client’s site. Examples: facebook, myspace, squidoo, wordpress, hubpages

*Create video to promote clients site and submit to video directories such as youtube, viddler ( if required )

*Create RSS feeds from all the above and submit to RSS aggregators to promote Client’s website.

*Write press release and submit to press release agencies to promote Client’s website ( if required )

*Submit the clients website to web directories.

*Create social bookmarking accounts to bookmark all above and promote Client’s website

The above will promote both the client’s main website for SEO Perth and the Google Maps Listing (Local Business search)

Timeframe to achieve results depends on the competitiveness of the keyword search terms. A period of 3 months should be allowed to achieve best results. Once page one listings have been achieved it is advisable to continue SEO to maintain the rankings.

Perth SEO Campaign $xxx per month ( in advance per month) for 12 terms.

No lock in contract.  You can finish at anytime: no penalties.

3) Google Adwords Metrics For Keyword Conversion Tracking

Each time an ad shows for a search term you should be able to track the pathway and eventual outcome of the click.

On the thank you page for example of the eCommerce section or contact page of the site, code should be installed that tracks which keyword search term resulted in a sale or enquiry. This is then fed back into the Adwords campaign and the cost per click can be greatly reduced as you increase you Click Through Rate and quality score. As this improves you can set your Adwords campaign to automatic bidding to receive the most optimized bid for each keyword. In other words you bid higher on keywords that convert to sales and lower, if at all, on keywords that only attract browsers.

Once this has been set up you will see a drastic reduction in your Adwords spend and an increase in sales. This optimisation will pay for itself very quickly.

One time set up fee of $xxx ( depending on the complexity of the coding of the finished eCommerce site thank you page )


Alternative keyword suggestions based on keyword tool.

Standard Disclaimer: The numbers above are a final quote for the projects discussed. The above Cost Summary does constitute a warranty of final price.  Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed significantly. All prices exclusive of GST.