SEO 2019

Previously, there was no direct connection between business and buyer. People used to see ads and buy products. The way to give feedback was limited. People used to depend on newspapers and TVs for any product update or new launch.

Here is when social network and business relationship boomed. Businesses created their profiles online and started to add people with their pages. Users got a channel to directly communicate with their preferred business and business got a chance to get information from potential and new buyers.

New business

How this helped 1) Faster consumer engagement 2) Faster customer service 3) Faster customer acquisition 4) Faster growth 5) Free marketing 6) Genuine feedback

Google Updates

Since last one year, Google has launched many updates (Penguin 1.1, Panda 3.9.2) and this has affected the search queries and website rankings a lot. These updates are also a big reason to bring e-marketing into SEO practices.

E-marketing is clearly the new way to gain higher ranking in Google’s search engine. This may not be good for the businesses because they will have to rebuild the entire marketing and SEO strategy again. However, it is very beneficial for the consumers because they will get good search engine results.

Final Note

The SEO industry is going through a shift altogether. With growing consumer interference and changes in consumer behavior, it is necessary for every business to be social with their consumers.

Use high quality content and spread engaging content on all platforms where your target audience is talking about you or similar business. They need help to find the right thing.

New SEO Concepts

Why SEO Changes Happen?

This is a big question, why do SEO algorithm changes happen, why can’t Google be static?

Well, the answer is, for searcher’s convenience. That’s why Google rolls out an update just to refresh its search index and to look for websites involved in unethical SEO practices that violate her quality guidelines. If the search engine finds a website violating Google’s quality guidelines, it may penalize it by ranking it down in its SERP, or sometimes completely removing it from Google’s search index.

Google’s update check for the things like

 Black Hat SEO usage

 Extensive link building

 Cloaking

 User Experience

 Invisible text

 User experience

 Duplicate content

Google launched several Panda and Penguin Updates

Social Networking For SEO

Social Media Network Integration for SEO

This is also a very integral part of SEO today. Almost eveyone uses social networking sites today. So, for businesses it is an ideal way to find quality and target audience. However, since there are lots of platforms available, one has to choose wisely.

1) Most used sites

2) Select as per you niche

3) Choose where you see your target audience

Social Media & SEO Measurement – This activity will tell us the performance of the team in terms of key performance indicators. We can collect data from google analytics or hootsuite and use it to analyze if we achieved what we had actually decided, it may give us the directions for the next course of action.

SEO Factors

1) Keyword ranking

2) Social activities

3) Links

4) traffic

Search Engine Optimization – There is always an opportunity to improve anything. So, on the basis the data and analytics we have to decide where to focus more and how we could optimize the keywords or website to gain ranking.

1) Analyze the trend and act accordingly.

2) Check where more focus is required

3) Check from where you are getting the traffic

4) Do it all over again

Technical SEO

Technical SEO Developments for 2019

Somethings will never change so as the technical developments, metatags, keywords, descriptions and search engine submissions among others.

1) Website SEO Technicals – It should be user friendly. A good or a user friendly SEO website should have 4 basic ingredients i.e. Speed, accessibility, navigation and information.

2) SEO friendly website – An SEO friendly website should have properly defined graphics, good quality fresh content, friendly url, rich keyword tags/metatags, page structure and navigation

Content Deveopment For SEO

SEO Content Development – Once the market research is done, the next step is content development. Content plays a vital role in the new SEO.

SEO practitioners are now focusing more on content because a content that is engaging will get them more audience and will make them more popular.

1) Engaging SEO content – As the name suggests, the content should be something that people refer to or use. This will be more popular. Businesses use rich content such as whitepapers, business reports, ebooks, videos, SEO infographics or pictures to attract the reader. 2) Type of content – We can add some humor to our content, a news could be discussed, we can inform our followers about any resource, we can post something about our competitors or we can contradict on something. However, one has to use it whenever applicable.

Market Research For SEO

Market Research – This is the most important step in SEO projects. We should have complete information about the industry segment. Competitor research is an important part of market research as it showcases what the competitors are doing and what platforms they are following. We could do surveys and get questionnaires filled to form a basis for final analysis.

The SEO research must be alligned with the business objectives. This involves where we are and where we want to be 2) Finding right audience is a tough part of the game and enaging with them is equally critical because they will like only if you post good and useful content

SEO Best Practices for Google Maps

How to Set Up Google Maps for the best SEO Results

I think they are talking about Google Maps/Google Places which are currently merging with Google

I think the SEO company are using alternative phraseology to “hoodwink” people. The syntax of the email suggests it isn’t written by a native speaker, at least not one with an education.

Client Google Maps and GMB Listings

The client already have a Google Maps/ Place listing. They simply need to claim it and have it properly optimised. That is what I guess this other company will do for them. We could do it for them of course.

Of course NOTHING is permanent on the internet as we both know, so I don’t know where they get this term from.

In regards to SEO it sounds as if they have received the old generic scare email “Your website is not compliant with Google etc…we recommend you do xyz”

Lots of overseas SEO companies use this as an “in” to landing new SEO clients.

Having worked on ORM I am a little unclear what their core business is about and what search terms they wish to rank for. If armed with this knowledge we could run an SEO audit on the relevant pages to check if their on page SEO is up to scratch in terms of their tags etc.

There is no such thing as compliance with Google in terms of what you put in your tags: there are just certain ways of over optimising a site which Google considers SPAM. But they do not give a list of things you need to do in order to comply. Just a vague set of guidelines on what they consider spam and which are always changing of course.

If Google laid out a clear set of compliance guidelines there search algorithim could be perfectly reverse engineered.

So having said all that, if we knew what they wanted to rank for (other than their company name) we could run a report and make suggestions.

I would strongly suggest to the client however, should they not choose to use you to run an SEO report and to validate their Maps listing that they should not deal with a company that attempts to “hoodwink” them in this manner with this misleading sales pitch.

How To Build Links for SEO

Link Building For SEO (part 2)

One of the crucial functions for an SEO company is link building. It is a crucial indication of the traffic a website attracts. It provides one information about the popularity of a particular website and about other pages linking to it. It also helps one understand key metrics like spam or authority.

Credibility for SEO – Who To Create Authority For Your Website

In a way it determines a website’s SEO credibility. An authoritative site will link to similar trustworthy site, while the chances of a less-trustworthy site doing so are remote. These will most likely link you to similar spammy sites. Links are often used by search engines when evaluating a website and hence it is necessary for an SEO to find ways of building them. Multiple parameters are used by search engines in this process.

Some SEO link building ideas are:

  • It helps if a popular and globally important site gives link to your website. It should be trustworthy and well-known.
  • Getting linked to a topic-specific authoritative site can also be handy. For instance, if you are selling fashion merchandise, it may help if an expert fashion website puts up your link.
  • Other important websites include trustworthy sites like government domains, non-profit organization websites, academic institutions, major think-tanks and the like. The more links you get from such sites, the more is your trust quotient. It shows that you not a spammy site.
  • Similarly, avoid links from spammy sites as this will bring down your trust quotient.
  • And finally, getting on the social bandwagon would not hurt your linking. They may not be as important as above factors, but they do matter.