SEO – In fact, traditional SEO is the overall concept was based on keywords and ranking of keywords. The work was more technical and the user engagement was very minimal. The submission quantity used to matter rather than quality.

Back then, everything was based on the keywords. People used to fill keywords in their articles, blogs, meta tags etc. Google’s crawlers also used to consider these large bunch of keywords. SEO practitioners used to fill their sites with keywords, thinking that more keywords will give them more visibility. Link building was a key thing in all SEO activities. More links meant more traffic. As said earlier, quantity was more important than quality. So, webmasters used to pick high PR sites for submission rather than more thematic sites.

Businesses and webmasters were more inclined towards creating links, stuffing keywords and changing keywords. The articles and blogs were created to please the Google’s crawlers. However, they completely ignored the role users have to play in SEO practices.