How To Build Links for SEO

Link Building For SEO (part 2)

One of the crucial functions for an SEO company is link building. It is a crucial indication of the traffic a website attracts. It provides one information about the popularity of a particular website and about other pages linking to it. It also helps one understand key metrics like spam or authority.

Credibility for SEO – Who To Create Authority For Your Website

In a way it determines a website’s SEO credibility. An authoritative site will link to similar trustworthy site, while the chances of a less-trustworthy site doing so are remote. These will most likely link you to similar spammy sites. Links are often used by search engines when evaluating a website and hence it is necessary for an SEO to find ways of building them. Multiple parameters are used by search engines in this process.

Some SEO link building ideas are:

  • It helps if a popular and globally important site gives link to your website. It should be trustworthy and well-known.
  • Getting linked to a topic-specific authoritative site can also be handy. For instance, if you are selling fashion merchandise, it may help if an expert fashion website puts up your link.
  • Other important websites include trustworthy sites like government domains, non-profit organization websites, academic institutions, major think-tanks and the like. The more links you get from such sites, the more is your trust quotient. It shows that you not a spammy site.
  • Similarly, avoid links from spammy sites as this will bring down your trust quotient.
  • And finally, getting on the social bandwagon would not hurt your linking. They may not be as important as above factors, but they do matter.