SEO 2019

Previously, there was no direct connection between business and buyer. People used to see ads and buy products. The way to give feedback was limited. People used to depend on newspapers and TVs for any product update or new launch.

Here is when social network and business relationship boomed. Businesses created their profiles online and started to add people with their pages. Users got a channel to directly communicate with their preferred business and business got a chance to get information from potential and new buyers.

New business

How this helped 1) Faster consumer engagement 2) Faster customer service 3) Faster customer acquisition 4) Faster growth 5) Free marketing 6) Genuine feedback

Google Updates

Since last one year, Google has launched many updates (Penguin 1.1, Panda 3.9.2) and this has affected the search queries and website rankings a lot. These updates are also a big reason to bring e-marketing into SEO practices.

E-marketing is clearly the new way to gain higher ranking in Google’s search engine. This may not be good for the businesses because they will have to rebuild the entire marketing and SEO strategy again. However, it is very beneficial for the consumers because they will get good search engine results.

Final Note

The SEO industry is going through a shift altogether. With growing consumer interference and changes in consumer behavior, it is necessary for every business to be social with their consumers.

Use high quality content and spread engaging content on all platforms where your target audience is talking about you or similar business. They need help to find the right thing.