SEO Best Practices for Google Maps

How to Set Up Google Maps for the best SEO Results

I think they are talking about Google Maps/Google Places which are currently merging with Google

I think the SEO company are using alternative phraseology to “hoodwink” people. The syntax of the email suggests it isn’t written by a native speaker, at least not one with an education.

Client Google Maps and GMB Listings

The client already have a Google Maps/ Place listing. They simply need to claim it and have it properly optimised. That is what I guess this other company will do for them. We could do it for them of course.

Of course NOTHING is permanent on the internet as we both know, so I don’t know where they get this term from.

In regards to SEO it sounds as if they have received the old generic scare email “Your website is not compliant with Google etc…we recommend you do xyz”

Lots of overseas SEO companies use this as an “in” to landing new SEO clients.

Having worked on ORM I am a little unclear what their core business is about and what search terms they wish to rank for. If armed with this knowledge we could run an SEO audit on the relevant pages to check if their on page SEO is up to scratch in terms of their tags etc.

There is no such thing as compliance with Google in terms of what you put in your tags: there are just certain ways of over optimising a site which Google considers SPAM. But they do not give a list of things you need to do in order to comply. Just a vague set of guidelines on what they consider spam and which are always changing of course.

If Google laid out a clear set of compliance guidelines there search algorithim could be perfectly reverse engineered.

So having said all that, if we knew what they wanted to rank for (other than their company name) we could run a report and make suggestions.

I would strongly suggest to the client however, should they not choose to use you to run an SEO report and to validate their Maps listing that they should not deal with a company that attempts to “hoodwink” them in this manner with this misleading sales pitch.