Social Networking For SEO

Social Media Network Integration for SEO

This is also a very integral part of SEO today. Almost eveyone uses social networking sites today. So, for businesses it is an ideal way to find quality and target audience. However, since there are lots of platforms available, one has to choose wisely.

1) Most used sites

2) Select as per you niche

3) Choose where you see your target audience

Social Media & SEO Measurement – This activity will tell us the performance of the team in terms of key performance indicators. We can collect data from google analytics or hootsuite and use it to analyze if we achieved what we had actually decided, it may give us the directions for the next course of action.

SEO Factors

1) Keyword ranking

2) Social activities

3) Links

4) traffic

Search Engine Optimization – There is always an opportunity to improve anything. So, on the basis the data and analytics we have to decide where to focus more and how we could optimize the keywords or website to gain ranking.

1) Analyze the trend and act accordingly.

2) Check where more focus is required

3) Check from where you are getting the traffic

4) Do it all over again