Traffic for SEO Rankings in Local Perth Businesses

Traffic Tactics For SEO

As more and more websites, blogs and web pages crowd the internet, it pays to pay attention to traffic tactics for SEO. There are ways and means by which you can cleverly direct traffic to your own site.

To do this you need to understand how people actually reach your site. Most people navigate to new websites and addresses through search engines like Google. This means that you need to understand and work your position on such sites. Adapt these handy tactics and you may see more traffic to your own site.

Using Mark Up for SEO

One of these is using Google’s author mark-up. Google now shows the author’s picture with addition information and articles, increasing both your visibility and the easy availability of your content. How you behave on the net will also help your traffic. You can Google’s double click planner and build your own relationship with these sites. Drop your comments, suggestions and you will be awarded with the same. These sites will, in turn, direct traffic to yours.

In fact, why stay focused on Google? Think outside the box and look at the plethora of social media sharing sites today. apart from Facebook and twitter (which are too big), you may check out sites with smaller but dedicated followers, like Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedln, StumbleUpon and more. Check pages that are related to your subject or business and add value to their content. This will automatically raise the traffic towards your own site.

Media Picture

Finally, you do need to work on your own site. Use plenty of media like pictures and graphs to make it interesting. After all, once you have your hits, you need to keep them coming back.